ANGELUS APATRIDA – Indoctrinate (Century Media Records)

HUMAN FORTRESS – Dark Knight (Massacre Records) 

THORIUM – Where Do You Go (Freya Records)

KING BAAL – Let’s Murder Together (Wormholedeath Records) 

UNDER ATTACK – Soldier (Sliptrick Records) 

HOLY MOTHER – No Death Reborn (Massacre Records) 

AARON HOLT – Set Free Your Sorrow (Independente) 

SCARLETH – Be What You Are (Rockshots Records) 

FIREFORCE – March Or Die (Rock Of Angels Records) 

BORGE OLSEN – The Count Of Godthaab (Independente)


FROZEN ARCH – In The Rising Sun (Independente) 

STEVE HACKETT – Sirocco (InsideOut Music) 

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY – Waiting For Tomorrow (Solar Flare Records) 

DEEP SPACE MASK – Nosferatu (Planet K Records)


COSMONUTS – Reflections (Sliptrick Records) 

FLYING CIRCUS – 1921 (Independente) 

THE CITYZENS – The Old Man’s Tale (Independente) 

LEO THE PAINTER – Western Fairytale (Independente)


LÁZARO – Hosoi (Regulator Records) 

THE TELESCOPES – Strange Waves (Tapete Records)