Devin Townsend – Why? (InsideOut Music) 

The Progressive Soul Collective – Killing True Beliefs (Metalville Records) 

Awaken – Ride Like The Wind (Pure Steel Records) 

A Perfect Day – All Of My Life (Rock Of Angels Records) 

Tales Of Evening – Csak Én Lãtom (Nail Records) 

Volster – Revolution (Rock Of Angels Records) 

Okrütnik – Masz Mnie Wampirze (Ossuary Records) 

Lyonen – Lyonen (Independente) 

Forsaken Age – Heavy Metal Nightmare (Pure Steel Promotion) 

Speed Stroke – Who Fkd Who (Street Symphonies Records) 

Greybeard – Heiress Of The Night (WormHoleDeath Records) 

Spirit Adrift – Battle High (Century Media Records) 

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love – Drip Drip Baby (Steamhammer/SPV) 

Sinful Ways – Burst Into Flames (Independente) 

Anthea – Reach (Rockshots Records) 

Basement Critters – Herodad (WormHoleDeath Records) 

District 97 – Ghost Girl (Mindscan Records) 

Redeye Caravan – The Basement Sessions/Banshee (Independente) 

Doom ‘An Blue – Ran Down (Independente) 

Malú Garcia – Paradigmas (Independente)