ANTHRAX – The Devil You Know (Nuclear Blast Records) 

GRAVE DIGGER – King Of The Kings (Rock Of Angel Records) 

ALESTORM – Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum (Napalm Records) 

SPIRIT ADRIFT – Mass Formation Psychosis (Century Media Records) 

RYU OKUMOTO – The Watchmaker (Time On His Side) (InsideOut Music) 

PORCUPINE TREE – Rats Return (Music For Nations) 

DEVIL’S TRAIN – You Promised Me Love (Rock Of Angels Records) 

MÄDHOUSE – Love Is Blind (Rock Of Angels Records) 

CHARLES SANGNOIR – Breakdown Stomp (Violeta Exotica/Larvae Records/Raging Planet) 

CIRCUS PRUTZ – Blues Revolution (Metalville Records) 

BALLS GONE WILD – Masked City (Metalville Records) 

L. A. PROJECT – Rock Star (Independente) 

GHOST TOAST – Get Rid Of (Inverse Records) 

EXCALIBUR – Esencia Selvaje (Fighter Records) 

CELLAR STONE – Time To Fall (Rock Of Angels Records) 

TORZS – Atfordul (Independente) 

LONELY ROBOT – Recalibrating (InsideOut Music) 

BABY STRANGE X HALEY MARY – Only Feet It When I’m With You (ICEA) 

ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO – To The Gods That Kill And Forever Will (Out Of Line Music) 

TROY REDFERN – Come On (Independente)