MOONSPELL – The Hermit Saints (Napalm Records)

LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT – Beating The Odds (InsideOut Music)

IVORY TOWER – One Day (Massacre Records)

SILENT WINTER – Empire Of Sins (Pride & Joy Music)


VELVET VIPER – Cosmic Healer (Massacre Records)

BLACK & DAMNED – The World Bleed (Rock Of Angels Records)

BYRON – Corn, Drought And The Lord (Metal Blade Records)


JOHAN KIHLBERG’S IMPERA – All About You (Metalville Records)


SCHARZER ENGEL – Paradies (Massacre Records)

FORMOSA – Starry Eyes (Metalville Records)

TORN FABRIKS – Bring Me Down (Firecum Records)

RELENTLESS AGGRESSION – Epitome Of Resentment (Indieco Records)


DISTANT PAST – World Of Wires (Pure Steel Records)

GRIM REAPER RIDE – One For Hole (Wormholedeath Records)


HOOTENANNY FREAKS – Girl On Fire (Inverse Records)

HOUND – Without A Sound (Metalville Records)

THE QUILL – Hallucinate (Metalville Records)

JOANNA CONNOR – Destination (KTBA Records)

TRICKLEBOLT – Atlantis (Goomah Music)