AVANTASIA – The Inmost Light (Nuclear Blast Records) 

BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO – La Pianura Rossa (InsideOut Music) 

SERAINA TELLI – I Dare To (Metalville Records) 

WINTER – Unholy Blood (Fastball Music) 

MAGICAL HEART – Heartsonic (Fastball Music) 

EVEN FLOW – Revelation Day (Independente) 

SALIERI – Za Okny Je Vrah (Independente)


SILENT KNIGHT – Dark & Mysterious Times (Independente) 

DEATH DENIED – Nocturnal (Sarcophagus Records) 

AVATAR – Valley Of Disease (Black Waltz Records) 

AITTALA – Collateral Damage (Exitus Strategem Records) 

ASTERISE – Falling Stars (Inverse Records) 

TWISTED MIST – Le Linceule (Music Records) 

MINDAHEAD – The Last Tide (Rockshots Records) 

EDDIE VANTEZ – Is This Love? (Lions Pride Music) 

STEVE HILL – Everything You Got (No Label Records) 

TROY REDFERN – Sweet Carolina (Independente) 

DAVIDE ZACCARIA – Eterno (Independente)


TIMEA GOGHOVA/CARO D’LIRIUM – Wasted (Carlo Bellotti Publishing) 

MIDUS & TIM – Gostas de Mim (Independente)