Alogia – Visantia (Elevate Records)

Operus – Where Falcons Fly (Pride & Joy Music)

Asgard – Trance Preparation (Pride & Joy Music)

Man Machine Industry feat. Sabrina Kihlstrand – Covid 19 (GMR Music)

Vermilia – Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita (Independente)

Everfrost – Die Young (Rockshots Records)

Sense Of Fear – Angel Of Steel (Rockshots Records)

Ancient Curse – Fire & Ice (Pure Steel Records)

Black Night – Road To Victory (Pure Steel Records)

Haken – Invasion (InsideOut Music)

Speed Limit – Ways & Means (Pure Rock Records)

Scarlet Rebels – You Take My Breath Away (Rock Of Angels Records)

The Pretty Reckless – Death By Rock And Roll (Century Media Records)

Machine Gun Kelly – Bloody Valentine (Universal Music)

Stone Breaker – The Presidents (Independente)

RRRags – Demons Dancing (Lay Bare Recordings)

Mother Island – Eyes Of Shadow (Go Down Records)

Felidae – Падший ангел (Independente)

Alizarin – Velvet Margin (Independente)

Maria João | Ogre Electric – Acute Angels (Independente)