DREAM THEATER – Invisible Monster (InsideOut Music) 


RUNNING WILD – The Shelback (Steamhammer/SPV) 


GAMMA RAY – Heading For Tomorrow (earMusic) 


U. D. O. – Prophecy (AFM Records) 


ENSIFERUM – Run From The Crushing Tide (Metal Blade Records) 


WINTERMOONSHADE – Eternal Haunted Shores (Independente) 


MANDOKI SOULMATES – The Torch (InsideOut Music) 


DRACONICON – Monsters’ Breakaway (Beyond The Storm Productions) 


SKANNERS – Pictures Of War (Music For The Masses Records) 


FIREFORCE – March Or Die (Rock Of Angels Records) 


RAVENOUS E. H. – Astral Elixir (Independente)


STINGER – Chasing Utopia (Boersma Records) 


SPIRIT BOMB – Break A Brick (Independente) 


INVADING CHAPEL – Mina Harker (Independente) 


BANGKOK DOLLARS – Lost Soul (Sliptrick Records) 


ETXEGIÑA – Los Cadáveres Insepultos de Albatera (Independente)


FENRIS – Landscape With A River (Independente) 


OPERATION BLOCKHEAD – Dead Flowers (Independente) 


CARAVAN – If I Was To Fly (Madfish) 


LEFTY – Fiança (Independente)