THERION – Eye Of Algol (Nuclear Blast Records)

SABATON – Ghost Division (Nuclear Blast Records)

HOLY MOTHER – Mean Street (Massacre Records)

FARGO – Rain Of Champagne (Steamhammer/SPV)

HAVAMAL – Kraken (Art Gates Records)

PHILM – Cries Of The Century (Metalville Records)

ANKHARA – Huida (Art Gates Records)


HOOTENANNY FREAKS – Night Train (Inverse Records)

VELVET INSANE – Sound Of Sirens (Independente)

OZORA – Vista Mare (Rockshots Records)

PERSEIDE – 9th Life (Ishtar Rising)


DEMON INCARNATE – The Liar’s Tongue (Metalville Records)

URBAN TALES – Stay (MR Difusion)

FORTH – Open Heart (Secret Entertainment)

UNDERGROUND FIRE – Passage (Independente)

I AM ALIZ – Devil On The Run (Ishtar Rising)

JUPITER HOLLOW – Solar Gift (Independente)

CALL IT OUT! – Dead Ends (Shadows) (Independente)

FRANCO – Feeling You (Independente)


AL MOURARIA – Oh Meu Amor de Amanhã (Independente)