HELLOWEEN – Rise Without Chains (Nuclear Blast Records) 


ALCATRAZZ – Grace Of God (Silver Lining Music) 


RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Terial The Hawk (AFM Records) 


BRAINSTORM – Solitude (AFM Records) 


LORDS OF BLACK – Bound To You (Frontiers Music) 


SECOND REIGN – Another Night (Massacre Records) 


SAINTED SINNERS – Against The Odds (Rock Of Angels Records) 


AMON SETHIS – Mask Of Wrath (Wormholedeath Records) 


OSUKARU – Tainted Heart (AOR Heaven) 


HOGTOOTH – Peace Is Long Past Gone (Wormholedeath Records) 

THE MOOR – Emissaries (Independente) 


SIGNUM DRACONIS – Whirlwind Of Lovers (Rockshots Records) 


HELION PRIME – Wash Away (Independente) 


THOMAS CARLSEN’S TRANSMISSION – Fallen From Grace (Independente) 


ISENMORE – Wanderlust (Independente) 


UNRISE – Forgiving (Independente) 


BLESSDIVINE – Servants Of The Cross (Elevate Records) 


THE O’REILLYS AND THE PADDYHATS – Dogs On The Leash (Metalville Records) 


LIGHT BY THE SEA – Mr. Wonderman (Independente) 


CAVALO AMARELO – Primeiro do Fim (Independente)