REZET – Deceived By Paradise (Metalville Records) 

WITHERFALL – The Other Side Of Fear (Century Media Records) 

WIZARD – Metal In My Mead (Massacre Records) 

TRIBULATION – Funeral Pyre (Century Media Records)

HELSTAR – Across The Raging Seas (Massacre Records) 

LILITH’S REVENGE – Revenge (Independente) 

GODSNAKE – We Disagree (Massacre Records) 

JO BELOW – Ms. Death (Inverse Records) 

TORN FABRIKS – Idiocracy Layers (Firecum Records) 

KULTIKA – A Fixed Reality For Prometheus Identity (Loud Rage Music) 

WHEEL – Movement (Independente) 


TRANSATLANTIC – Looking For The Light (InsideOut Music) 

THE FLOWER KINGS – Black Swan (InsideOut Music) 

PICTURES ON SILENCE – The So-Called Life (Independente) 

CYRAX – Oró Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile  (Wormholedeath Records) 

BLUE HOUR GOSTS – On Black Clouds (Rockshots Records) 

JOANNA CONNOR – I Feel So Good (Independente) 

IVY GOLD – Retribution (Golden Ivy Records) 

DREAM PEOPLE – People Think (Independente)