Ópera Spectacular

Ópera Spectacular


GRAVE DIGGER – Hell Is My Purgatory (Rock Of Angels Records) 

JAMES LABRIE – Am I Right (InsideOut Music) 

FORMOSA – Her Mama (Metalville Records)


SIDEBURN – Heading Down The Road 69 (Massacre Records) 

REBEL PRIEST – Lesson In Love (Independente) 

HEAD FIRST – Alive (Metalville Records) 

DEEP SUN – Killer In A Dream (Massacre Records) 

EVERLUST – The Tale Of The Noble Knight (Wormholedeath Records) 

GRAVESHADOW – The Swordsman (M-Theory Audio) 

DERAPS – Live Fast Die Slow (Metalville Records) 

MANIAC ABDUCTOR – Off To Deathrow (Wormholedeath Records) 

IMPACT – Hometown (Independente) 

CHARLOTT – Little Devils (Eonian Records) 

UNHERZ – Es Ist An Der Zeit (Massacre Records) 

LITTLE BIHLMAN – Tooth And Nail (Metalville Records) 

AWASH – Feel The Fire (Independente) 

LE BAND À JOE – Rire Clavecin (Table Basse Records) 

LERA LYNN – Something More Than Love (ICEA) 

SOWULO – Stearcost Ealra (By Norse Music) 

KAREN ANN HUNTER – Sweet Love Of Mine (Independente)