YES – The Ice Bridge (InsideOut Music)


STEVE HACKETT – Fox’s Tango (InsideOut Music)


MANDOKI SOULMATES – Sessions In The Village (InsideOut Music) 


PRESTIGE – Innocent (Massacre Records) 


LOCH VOSTOK – Enter The Resistance (ViciSolum Productions) 


LUCIFER – Wild Hearses (Century Media Records) 


BONEYARD – Fates Warning (Wormholedeath Records) 


DREAM OCEAN – Eterna Espera (Independente)


SPITFIRE – Ride It Like You Stole It (Massacre Records) 


SDI – In The Ass (MDD Records) 


NARREN – The Lovers (Wormholedeath Records) 


ATTIKA – Like A Bullet (Pure Steel Records) 


MEGASNAKE – Shame On Me (Inverse Records) 


TOUGHTCRIME – Not Anymore (Immortal Sÿnn Records) 


IN/VERTIGO – Chains (Rockshots Records) 


THE MAGIC BUS – Το Κάστρο (Independente) 


TERRA – Let It Burn (Rockshots Records) 


SEBENTA – Ao Teu Lado (Sony Music)


THE PICTUREBOOKS feat. JON HARVEY – Holy Ghost (Century Media Records) 


HOWLIN MAY QUEEN – A New Day Will Come (Independente)