Bling Guardian Twilight Orchestra – This Storm (Nuclear Blast Records)

Blame Zeus – The Warden (Rockshots Records)

Andy Gillion – Skyless (Independente)

Cathubodua – Hero Of Ages (Massacre Records)

Great Pacific Orchestra – Time Is A Window (Inverse Records)

Scala Mercalli – The 1000 (Alpha Omega Records)

Signum Regis – Never Surrender (Beyond The Storm Productions)

Coronatus – Midsommar (Massacre Records)

Her Despair – The Exorcism (Independente)

Mantra – Mind (Finisterian Dead End)

Leprous – Distant Bells (InsideOut Music)

Toundra – Tuareg (InsideOut Music)

Onsetcold – One Day I Fall (WormHoleDeath Records)

Bullring – You’re Just What You’re Fighting For (Street Symphonies Records)

Black Mastiff – Star Base 77 (Grand Hand Records)

The Kompressor Experiment – EMP.AI (Shunu Records)

The Demtones – You Don’t Know (Independente)

The Noolands – Grenadine (Independente)

Men On The Couch – Areia (Independente)

Grand Sun – Feeling Tired (Independente)