DarWin – Escape The Maze (Believe Music)

Warrior Path – The Path Of The Warrior (Symmetric Records)

Tragul – The Hummingbird (Independente)

Athrox – Sadness n’ Tears (Revalve Records)

Trauma – From Here To Hell (Pure Steel Records)

Evil Conspiracy – Dogs Ov War (Sliptrick Records)

Bent Knee – Boxes (InsideOut Music)

Wolf Counsel – Nova (Endless Winter Label)

Damnation’s Hammer – Wolves Of Aquarius (Massacre Records)

Nereis – Now (Eclipse Records)

FlowerLeaf – Tupana (Independente)

Redlizzard – Let It Rock (Independente)

Edmond Jefferson & Sons – The Winter (Hummus Records)

Mark Durkee – A Way To Escape (Live Acoustic) (Independente)

The Void – Cowboy Insolente (Independente)

Pedro Abrunhosa – Vem Ter Comigo Aos Aliados (Universal Music)

João Couto – O Jantar (Universal Music)

Tricycles – All The Mornings (Lux Records)

Capitão Fausto – Amor, a Nossa Vida (Independente)

Inês Pimenta – Prata (Sintoma Records)