Rosslyn – The Insect God (Sliptrick Records)

Artizan – Demon Rider (Pure Steel Records)

Tamirel – All Seasons In The Sky (Independente)

Grave Digger – Fear Of The Living Dead (Napalm Records)

Alter Bridge – Addicted To Pain (Napalm Records)

A Tear Beyond – Frolic (House Of Ashes)

Van Canto – Melody (Napalm Records)

Hypnotheticall – The Spell (Revalve Records)

SoulHealer – The Final Judgement (Rockshots Records)

Powerwolf – Incense & Iron (Napalm Records)

Wolfen Reloaded – Frozen (Volcano Records)

Suzi Silva – Fado Mestiço - Amanhã (Independente)

Xerife – Só Tu e Eu (Independente)

41Point9 – These Four Lands (Sonic Perspectives)