Metal Inquisitor – Beyond Nightmares (Massacre Records)

Horizons Edge – Let The Show Go On (FastBall Music)

Greystone Canyon – Take Us All (Rockshots Records)

Malum Sky – Diatribe (Sliptrick Records)

Chapa Zero – Zumba na Caneca (A Moca da Foca)

King Zebra – Like A Hurricane (Independente)

I, Assassin – Survival (Independente)

White Cowbell Oklahoma – Into The Sun (Slick Monkey Prod.)

Ash Of Ashes – Down The White Waters (Independente)

Massface – Blackwater (Sliptrick Records)

The Riven – Shadow Man (The Sign Records)

The Manchesters – Singing In The Rain (And I’m In Fire) (A Moca da Foca)

Quid – Recanto (Independente)

Flak – Os Tempos Estão a Mudar (Rastilho Records)