Kalidia – Frozen Trhone (Inner Wound Recordings)

Heylel – Voices (Interstellar Cloud)

Lords Of The Trident – Tormentor (Junko Johnson Cloud)

Sumeru – Summon Destroyer (WormHoleDeath Records)

 Haken – Puzzle Box (InsideOut Music)

Saber Tiger – Permanente Rage (Sliptrick Records)

Tommy Concrete – Leith Punk Flat (Howling Invocations)

Zarthas – 4 Letter Word (Inverse Records)

Ibridoma – Sadness Comes (Punishment 18)

Materdea – One Thousand And One Nights (Rockshots Records)

Mongol – The Return (Sliptrick Records)

Thomas Silver – D-Day (Volcano Records)

União Das Tribos – Ninguém Nos Pode Parar (Independente)

Atlas: Empire – Hostess (Independente)

Mindahead – Farwell (Revalve Records)

Black Tropics – Dragon Blood (Independente)

Bad Moon Born – Witch Trials (Volcano Records)

Gimba – Vá Lá (Independente)

Flak – Monte Branco (Azáfama)

Palas – Esperança (Independente)

Old Jerusalem – Black Pool Of Water And Sky (Sony Music)

Too Many Suns – Garden (Independente)