Toxikull The Revival/Rising Dust (Metal On Metal Records)

Sons Of Apollo Labyrinth (InsideOutMusic)

Ereb Altor Queen Of All Seas (Hammerheart Records)

Opeth Svekets Prins (Nuclear Blast Records)

Speedemon Atrocity Divine (Independente)

Dizastra Vae Victus (Independente)

Fateful Finality Fire And Brimstone (FastBall Music)

Ivory Tower End Transmission (Massacre Records)

Mortal Infinity In Cold Blood (Independente)

Weapon UK Ghosts Of War (Pure Steel Records)

Majesty Of Revival Bury Me (WormHoleDeath Records)

Manntra Yelena (No Cut)

Twin Seeds Parallel Knight (Independente)

No Bros Thousand Years Of Austro-Rock (Pure Steel Records)

Nornes Vanity (Sleeping Church records)

Moonlight Desires Patio Lanters (Infamous Butcher)