Wolfpakk – Nature Strikes Back (Massacre Records)

Signum Regis – Fly Away (Beyond The Storm Productions)

Tales Of Evening – Shelterless Soul (Nail Records)

Skanners – Rolling In The Fire (Alpha Omega Records)

At Night I Fly – Gethsemane (Nail Records)

Syryn – Ded Men Tell No Tales (Independente)

Leecher – Get Over It (Nail Records)

Mats Karlsson – Megalo Seitani (MK Music/Sound Pollution)

Black Palle – Rush To The Grave (WormHoleDeath Records)

In/Vertigo – Bad Enemy (Rockshots Records)

Reality Suite – Grave (Lions Pride Music)

Smoke Mountain – I Walk Alone (Argonauta Records)

Nereis – Evil Heart (Eclipse Records)

Stonehag – Mnemonic Drape (Independente)

Hawkestrel – Circles (Purple Pyramid Records)

Renato Junior – Para Lá da Pele (Sony Music)

Luke D’Eça – Quando Ela Te Diz (Independente)

Taïs Reganelli – Tanto Mar (Independente)

Cláudia Pascoal/Samuel Úria – Viver (Universal Music)