Deep Sun – Worship The Warship (Massacre Records)

Constantine – Bushido (Rockshots Records)

Temple Of The Stars – Nightspirit (Inverse Records)

Sad Iron – Revolution (WormHoleDeath Records)

Looking Glass Project – My Life Is Going On (Revalve Records)

Stramonia – Under A Dark Sky (This Is Core Records)

Thy Station – Burning Soul (Independente)

Skanners – In Flammen 666 (Alpha Omega Records)

Lonerider – Rhythm Of Life (Escape Music)

Dayslived – Touching The Clouds (Rockshots Records)

Stinger – Mashed Potatoes (Boersma Records)

Blindberry Ghost – The Siren (Inverse Records)

Mercic – Reset (Independente)

Xave – Outra Vez (Universal Music)

Loosense – Taifa (Independente)