Empiresfall – Betrayers (Iron Shield Records)

North Of South – The Human Equation (Rockshots Records)

Michael Schenker Fest – Take Me To The Church (Nuclear Blast Records)

Crossing Eternity – High Above The Crown (Rockshots Records)

Doro – It Cuts So Deep (Nuclear Blast Records)

Vandallus – Heart Attacker - Live (Pure Steel Records)

Negacy – Born Betrayed (Massacre Records)

The Brew – Seven Days Too Long (Napalm Records)

Betontod – Boxer (Arising Empire Records)

Kilmara – The End Of The World (Rock Of Angels Records)

Diabolos Dust – Sanity (Massacre Records)

Axemaster – 10,000 Pound Hammer (Pure Steel Records)

Hopelezz – Holding Out For A Hero (Massacre Records)

Ace Mafia – Snakes ‘n’ Ladders (Independente)

Hank Erix – Fortune Hunter (Livewire/Cargo Records)

Slam & Howie And The Reserve Men – Witness Of Dawn (Wanted Men Recordings)

Sequóia Guzman – 5€ (Independente)

The Pinneaple Thief – Try As I Might (KScope Records)