Playlist 27 de Junho de 2008

1ª hora:

Angel Of The Odd (In Solitude)
Bleed (Sarcastic)
The Call And The Crash (All Men Stand Still) (Alkateya)
Vultos (Ava Inferi)
Sons Of The Star (Project: Creation)
In Purple Skies (In Solitude)
Pay The Price (Forgotten Suns)
The Floating World (Project: Creation)
Moments (Ethereal)

2ª hora:

In And Above Men (Moonspell)
(Love Is) Suicide... (Desire)
Mysery (Haven Denied)
Fade Away (Urban Tales)
Terra Prometida (Verás) (Hyubris)
A Poisoned Gift (Moonspell)
Since The First Smile (Heavenwood)
Winterfall (The SymphOnyx)
Rain Of July (Heavenwood)
Darkness And Hope (Moonspell)
... Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride) (Moonspell)
Last Of The Few (ThanatoSchizo)


DISCO DA SEMANA VN2000: Demonology (MELODIUS DEITE) (Art Gates Records)

MÚSICA DA SEMANA VN2000: As Above, So Below (HARTLIGHT) (Kvlt und Kaos Productions)

GRUPO DO MÊS VN2000: Alpha Warhead