Playlist 30 de Maio de 2008

1ª hora:

Poison (Alice Cooper)
We Live (Bassinavaders)
Crystal Sea (Dreams) (The SymphOnyx)
Fade Away (Urban Tales)
Set The World On Fire (Symphony X)

Flashback da semana: Ride The Lightning (Metallica)The Call Of Ktulu

Space God (Witch)
Elembivos (Eluveitie)
Halflife (Lacuna Coil)

2ª hora:

Through Fire And Hell (Before The Torn)

Top Loud Radiobroadcast – Abril
Eye On The Road (If Lucy Fell)
E Se A Bela For O Monstro (Riding Panico)
Have You Ever (Crematory)
The Formation Of Damnation (Testament)
March To The Shore (In Flames)
Connect The Dots (Ayreon)
Remembered (Firewind)
Gentle Murders (Rage)
Sentindo o Futuro (Last Hope)
Sanctuary (Cavalera Conspiracy)
Least Of The Few (ThanatoSchizo)

Serpent Tongue (Cradle Of Filth)