Playlist 09 de Outubro de 2008

1ª hora:

O Fortuna (Therion)
Cry (Secrecy)
Cry Just A Little (Avantasia)
Sing For Me (Tarja)
Battle Of Kadesh (Todesbonden)
D.I.Y. Surgery (The Tangent)

Flashback da semana: Sonic Temple (The Cult)Fire Woman
Generator Of Illusions (Factory Of Dreams)
Icewind (Axxis)
Visions (Judas Priest)
Prince Waldeck’s Galliard (Blackmore’s Night)

2ª hora:
Principium: Cosmogony – The Creation (Antiquus Scriptum)
My Moonlight Sonata (The SymphOnyx)
Never-Ending Story (Within Temptation)
Maiden Steel (Thy Majestie)

Disco da semana: Death Magnetic (Metallica)The End Of The Line
All Nightmare Long
Suicide & Redemption
My Apocalypse

To Holmgard And Beyond (Turisas)
Hers In The Twilight (Moonspell)