Playlist 16 de Outubro de 2008

1ª hora:

Dreaming Of Reality (Forgotten Suns)
A Dança das Ondas (Ava Inferi)

Flashback da semana: Wiseblood (C.O.C.)Wiseblood

The Day Of Neverending (Fireball Ministry)
Stream Of Evil (Factory Of Dreams)

Entrevista: Factory Of Dreams

2ª hora:

Without You (Rage)
I’m In The Band (The Hellacopters)

Disco da semana: Among Beggars And Thieves (Falconer)Field Of Sorrow
Man Of The Hour
Carnival Of Disgust
Pale Light Of Silver Moon
Dreams And Pyres

The Judas Kiss (Metallica)
United Abominations (Megadeth)
Last Of The Few (ThanatoSchizo)
Evolution: Reload (Echidna)


DISCO DA SEMANA VN2000: Demonology (MELODIUS DEITE) (Art Gates Records)

MÚSICA DA SEMANA VN2000: As Above, So Below (HARTLIGHT) (Kvlt und Kaos Productions)

GRUPO DO MÊS VN2000: Alpha Warhead