Playlist 23 de Outubro de 2008

1ª hora:

A Drop In The Ocean (Stratovarius)
Master Passion Greed (Nightwish)
Transmission Fails (Factory Of Dreams)

Namida (Tears)
Potala Palace (Hubi Meisel)
Edge Of The Blade (Seventh Wonder)
Requiem For The Innocent (Kamelot)
Sacred Power Of Raging Winds (Rhapsody Of Fire)
Fever Tray (Nebula)

2ª hora:

Comatose (Ayreon)
Nightside Of Eden (Therion)
Requiem, Kyrie (Virgin Black)
The End Of The Line (Metallica)

Disco da Semana: Apotheosis (Endamage)Apotheosis
The Searh For Redemption
Of Truth And Wisdom

Gaia (Devin Townsend Band)
Accusations (Canker)
World Collapse (X-Cons)