Playlist 07 de Março de 2008

1ª hora:

The Poet And The Pendulum (Nightwish)
Passing Dead End (Visions Of Atlantis)
Sisters Of The Light (Xandria)
Love In Vain (David Readman)
Beyond The Eyelids (Riverside)

Flashback da semana: State Of Euphoria (Anthrax)Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
Inocente O Doente (Mata-Ratos)
Stealing Society (System Of A Down)

2ª hora:

And I Am Suffering (Virgin Black)
The Scythe (Elvenking)

Disco da semana: 01011001 (Ayreon)Age Of Shadows
Connect The Dots
Web Of Lies
Unnatural Selection

Fashioned From Dust (Agent Steel)
At Sixes And Sevens (Sirenia)