Playlist 4 de Abril de 2008

1ª hora:

Unnatural Selection (Ayreon)
Apprentice Of The Universe (Pure Reason Revolution)
Dragonfly Garden (Project: Creation)
Flame To The Moth (Pain Of Salvation)
Revelations (Phazer)
Poetic Pitbull Revolutions (Diablo Swing Orchestra)

Flashback da semana: Renewal (Kreator)

Não Te Vou Mais Julgar (Last Hope)
The Scythe (Elvenking)

2ª hora:

Life In Motion (The Flower Kings)

Disco da Semana: Carved In Stone (Rage)
Carved In Stone
Drop Dead!
Gentle Murders
One Step Ahead
Lost In The Void
Mouth Of Greed

When Alpha And Omega Collide (Sieges Even)
Forever (Serenity)
The Dnieper Rapids (Turisas)