Playlist 02 de Maio de 2008

1ª hora:
The Calling (Crown Of Glory)
Crimson Tide/Deep Blue Sea (Nightwish)
One By One (Sarcastic)

Flasback da Semana: Kings Of The Sun (Kings Of The Sun)Serpentine
Rush Hour Baby (Stonerider)
Fade Away (Urban Tales)
Devil In The Belfry (Avantasia)
Stained With Sin (Brainstorm)
Fearing Myself (Agon)
Revenga (System Of A Down)
Void (Sigma)

2ª hora:
Cure (Tristania)
We Live (Bassinvaders)
And I Walk With Them (My Dying Bride)

Disco da Semana: Love & Hate (New Mecanica)Rise
Fire Desire
Game Of Lies
You And I

Liberator (Viron)
Sleeping Solution (Crematory)
Luna (Moonspell)