Playlist 04 de Julho de 2008

1ª hora

Trust (Metalium)
Our Farwell (Within Temptation)
En Nott I Nord (Midnattsol)
Invictus (Satyrian)

Flashback da semana: Walls Of Jericho (Helloween)
Lucienne (Tiamat)
Never Too Loud (Danko Jones)
Shadows Of Death (Rhapsody Of Fire)
I Don't Believe In Your Love (Avantasia)
You Never Know (Jon Oliva's Pain)

2ª hora:

Lost In London Tewnty Years After (The Tangent)

Disco da semana: MyEarthDream (Edenbridge)
Undying Devotion
Remember Me
Fallen From Grace
Place Of Higher Power

Frantic (Metallica)
Fire Exits (If Lucy Fell)
Hereafter Path (ThanatoSchizo)
Night Eternal (Moonspell)
Ephemera (Echidna)