Playlist 11 de Julho de 2008

1ª hora:

A Child That Walks On The Path Of A Man (Angtoria)
Stranger (RPWL)

Flashback da semana: Paranoid (Black Sabbath)Electric Funeral
This Christmas Day (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
Thriven (Serenity)
The Vice (Sonata Arctica)
Gethsemane (Vanden Plas)
Principles Of Paradox (Royal Hunt)

2ª hora:

Lie To Me (Leandra)
Lost (Visions Of Atlantis)

Disco da semana: Time To Be Free (André Matos)How Long (Unleashed Way)
Time To Be Free
Separate Ways (World Apart)

Lady Sam (If Lucy Fell)
Have You Ever (Crematory)
Remember (New Mecanica)