Playlist 01 de Agosto de 2008

1ª hora:

Unbroken (Silentium)
My Girl (She Loves Her) (Forever Slave)
Pelicula Divina (The Dead Poets)
Via Dolorosa (Tiamat)
The Clan (Royal Hunt)
Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (Threshold)
Looking Back (André Matos)

Flashback da semana: Vulgar Display Of Power (Pantera)Hollow

Eternally (Agon)

2ª hora:

A Crisis In Mid-Life (The Tangent)
Circus (Tristania)
Liquid View (Trail Of Tears)

Disco da semana: Interactivist (Canker)Cold Gate
Error Is The Man
The Miscalculations Of The Photophobia
Marcha Prá Morte
Dancing With The DBDs
Loko Loko Man

All In The Past (All Against The World)
Pride Of The Free (X-Cons)
Juggernaut (Echidna)