Playlist 05 de Setembro de 2008

1ª hora:

Celebrity Puree (The Tangent)
Aengus Og Fiddle (Todesbonden)
Segnis (Hyubris)
Kamikaze (Tierra Santa)
Whoerever Bring The Night (Nightwish)
By Sword And Shield (Skiltron)
Principles Of Paradox (Royal Hunt)
Inside The Hourglass (To-Mera)

Flashback da semana: How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can’t Even Smile Today (Suicidal Tendencies)
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow

2ª hora:

A Glimpse Of Sanity (Ava Inferi)
Energize Me (After Forever)
Volvo (Riding Panico)
Devil’s Woman (Diesel-Humm!)
Visions (Judas Priest)

Disco da semana: Pride Of The Free (X-Cons)
Run For Your Life
Rockstars In The Whitehouse
Far Away
This World Is Made Of Lies

The Temple Of The Crescent Moon
Of Truth And Wisdom (Endamage)
To The Tomb Of Kings (Echidna)