Playlist 27 de Maio de 2010

Review: The First Slaughtering (Canchroid)

Review: Clockwork (Angelus Apatrida)

Review: Promise Land (Giant)

Review: Witchkrieg (Witchery)

Review: Invictus (Heaven Shall Burn)

Review: Decline (Détente)

Review: In The Blood (Frenzie)

Entrevista com Firecracker

Playlist 20 de Maio de 2010

Entrevista com Phonomik

Review: Speed Devil (Wild Side)

Review: No Turning Back (Innerwish)

Playlist 13 de Maio de 2010

Review: Cold Comfornt (Painted Black)

Review: The Obsidian Conspiracy (Nevermore)

Playlist 06 de Maio de 2010

Review: Born Of Fire (Firecracker)

Review: Cranial Feedback (Steve Cichon)