Review - Stand Up And Fight (Turisas)

Playlist 27 de Janeiro de 2011

Top 20 - 2010 (setor nacional)

Entrevista - Primordial Melody

Review - To Hell With God (Deicide)

Review - The Human Romance (Darkest Hour)

Entrevista - Dark Oath

Review - Sever The Wicked Hand (Crowbar)

Playlist 20 de Janeiro de 2011

Review: Tao Of The Dead (... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead)

Top 20 - 2010 (sector não nacional)

Review - Green Smoke (Ashes Of Hash)

Entrevista - Flatfoot 56

Entrevista - Appearance Of Nothing

Playlist 13 de Janeiro de 2011

Review - In Cold Blood Nihilism (Primordial Melody)

DISCO DA SEMANA VN2000: Demonology (MELODIUS DEITE) (Art Gates Records)

MÚSICA DA SEMANA VN2000: As Above, So Below (HARTLIGHT) (Kvlt und Kaos Productions)

GRUPO DO MÊS VN2000: Alpha Warhead